Swindon Council’s Commercial Investment Board will discuss buying back Cavendish Square

According to the Swindon Advertiser yesterday the question of buying back another part of Cavendish Square will be considered by the council’s Commercial Investment Board next week. The Board will make a recommendation to the Cabinet. An unnamed spokesman for the authority “confirmed that the political leadership was in favour of making the purchase” but it would have to wait until the meeting of the investment board before making a final decision.

Obviously Parks & East Walcot Community Forum would welcome a decision to buy it. We would then have to campaign to ensure that the necessary work was done once ownership was back in the hands of the council. If they do not agree to buy it then the campaign will continue.

The downpour last night and this morning gave us a reminder of why the council should buy back the square, as you can see from the pictures.

Martin Wicks
Secretary, Parks & East Walcot Community Forum

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