2019 Petition

We are collecting signatures to this petition directed at Swindon Council.

Cavendish Square Petition

Take back control of Cavendish Square: Drain it! Fence it! Light it!

We the undersigned call on Swindon Council to accept responsibility for resolving the problems at Cavendish Square. We need the floor of the square re-laid and drainage put in, fencing which separates cars from pedestrians, and lighting sufficient to make the square safe at night.
The handing over of publicly owned land to private owners has meant loss of control. The private owners have shown contempt for the local community and are only interested in the rents.
In the light of the council’s decision to buy back some of the land which it used to own (the Co-op, its car park and the pharmacy) we call on them buy back the shops and the floor of the square owned by Lytton Road Ltd, in order to be able to create a decent and safe environment for the local community.

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The petitions should be returned to The Shop (Resource Centre) in Cavendish Square, SN3 2LZ

You can download a petition poster here 2019petitionposter