“Regeneration” of Cavendish Square

You may have read in the Swindon Advertiser about the wonderful “regeneration” of Cavendish Square, the shopping centre in Whitbourne Avenue, on Parks. But then again, look at the picture on the top of the page. This website has been launched by Parks & East Walcot Forum, the local community group. You can read about what local people were promised, and see what we got.

We have launched a petition aimed at ending the disgraceful state of Cavendish Square. You can download a petition and help us out by getting people to sign it.

2 thoughts on ““Regeneration” of Cavendish Square

  1. I Feel the Council are totally failing us in all they have not done to Cavendish Square” it is a Complete Insult to the Shopkeepers Intelligence,also a Major Knock to their Pockets and Mindset’
    It is Very Cheaply Shoddily Thrown up”It Looked better the way it was before”’They have Been totally Ignored by The Developers”and The Council.Each Blaming each Other ”The Council Have Upset The whole Of The Estate by Avoiding the State of the Square”It is not a Shopping Centre with Class”Its a Ghetto without a Blast” we The People of Parks want this whole shammed redesigned and made Safe for one and all”You owe The Public and The Shopkeepers the Shopping Centre you Set Out To Give” It’s about time you stopped pussy footing around and Started Honouring the Agreement Made”’Ignorance is Bliss and this is Something the Council Seem to be good at Doing”Make amends as now we are going to Push and Push till we get You To Honour Your Agreement”

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